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Consequences of Conflict
Unmanaged conflict has the potential to cause several negative consequences in workplaces, communities, and homes. Many times these costs are “hidden,” that is, they are not readily apparent. At the same time, these costs are very detrimental to individuals, groups, and organizations.
Organizational costs:
The Dana Mediation Institute, Inc. has determined a number of cost factors associated with conflict:
           #1: Wasted time
           #2: Opportunity cost of wasted time
           #3: Lowered job motivation and productivity
           #4: Lost performance due to conflict-related absenteeism
           #5: Loss of investment in skilled employees
           #6: Conflict-incited theft, sabotage, vandalism, & damage
           #7: Restructuring around the problem
           #8: Health costs
           #9: Degraded decision quality
A lot of these conflicts are very subtle within an organization, yet still have the power to negatively affect an organization’s bottom line.
*colorado conflict consulting may help determine the consequences of an individual, group, or organization’s conflict by conducting an assessment.  Please contact us today.
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    Conflict can cause . . .
    ~ Increased costs (time, money) devoted to dealing with the conflict
    ~ Wasted resources and energy spent dealing with the conflict
    ~ Decreased productivity
    ~ Lowered motivation
    ~ Decreased morale
    ~ Poor decision-making
    ~ Withdrawal and miscommunication or non-communication
    ~ Complaints and blaming
    ~ Backstabbing and gossip
    ~ Attitudes of distrust and hostility (that may influence all future interactions
    ~ (Permanent) erosion to personal, work, and community relationships
    ~ Harm to others not directly involved in the conflict
    ~ Damaged emotional and psychological well-being of those involved in the conflict
    ~ Dissatisfaction and stress